Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 2

Two weeks old already.

I can't say time has flown, because it's really went by kind of slow, which I absolutely love. I enjoy every second with my little man. He's the sweetest little baby - still eating, sleeping and going through lots of diapers. He still snorts like a little piglet when fussy, which is totally normal and a bit adorable. He still gives the most serious of looks. It's like he's studying and absorbing everything. 

We had a small scare this past Friday. For the previous 2 days he had not kept anything down and was getting choked, taking a bit to catch his breath. Scary stuff! So we made our first (and hopefully last) trip to Children's to make sure he was ok. Turns out, he has horrible reflux and was very gassy. We have to feed him upright and take the bottle out of his mouth every 15-20 seconds to let him catch his breath and allow what he just drank to settle a bit. So far, he's done wonderful. What a relief, we were very scared!

We're looking forward to our first church service this Sunday and our first holiday, Easter! He'll get to meet some more of our families, although were still not "passing him around" quite yet. So many people excited to meet this beautiful blessing!

As for mommy and daddy, we're doing wonderful! Absolutely, wonderful!

Emerson is 2 weeks old! 
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  1. What a doll baby! :) He's just wonderful and I couldn't be happier for you.

    PJ had the same issue with reflux. It took some maneuvering, meds and time but we got it worked out and you guys will, too. He's so blessed to have you taking such good care of him. :)

    I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter and enjoy every minute with your little man! God Bless!