Our Story

We're finally here. And what an incredible and emotional journey we've had, ten years in the making.

1999 - Boy meets girl, we fall in love.

2001 - We married, April 7, 2001

2001-2006 - After 5 years of unsuccessful attempts to start a family, we make an appointment with Dr. Jeffery Keenan, a Knoxville Fertility Specialist. After an intial work-up, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and was placed on Metformin (for Insulin Resistance), Provera (to induce a period) and Clomid (Fertility Oral Medication, to help with egg maturity); Jamie underwent a sperm analysis. Three days on Provera, we were contacted by the Dr's office with tests results diagnosing Jamie with Azoospermia.

2007 - Early 2007, Jamie underwent a 2nd sperm analysis concurring with original diagnosis. In middle spring, we became foster parents through DCS.

2007 - 2008 - Foster Parents to 4 precious children; Taylor - 7 , Macy - 5, Connor - 4, Nathan - 4. They left us in September 2008.

2009 - After several years of researching our next step, we decided to make an appointment with Dr. Gayla Harris, a Reproductive Endocronologist in Knoxville. June 2009 was our first appointment. PCOS and confirmed as was Jamie's Azoospermia. I was to continue my regiment of Metformin and was placed on Provera to induce a period. We explored sperm adoption and identified a donor and would use in addition to J's retrieval.

IUI #1 - July 2009: Femara 5 mg, NEGATIVE

IUI #2 - August 2009: Femara 7.5 mg, NEGATIVE

IUI #3 - June 2010; Femara 7.5mg, Repronex Injections, NEGATIVE

[Took time off to loose weight, down to date 65 lbs)

April 2011 - After successful weight loss, we were ready to proceed with IUI #4. Dr. Harris wanted to perform an HSG to ensure that I had no blockage in my fallopian tubes, cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, etc... After my HSG, it was discovered that both tubes were 100% blocked. Surgery scheduled for May.

May 2011 - Surgery was a success! Both tubes were successfully unblocked and some mild endo, which was discovered during surgery, along with some mild scar tissue was also discovered and removed. Dr. very happy and confident with next 3-6 cycles!

IUI #4 - June 2011: Femara 7.5mg, Repronex Injections, Sadly, NEGATIVE (This was my best responding month to date. My E2 and P4 levels were great, confirming mature eggs at the time of ovulation, and of course that I did indeed ovulate!)

IUI #5 - July 2011: Femara 7.5mg, Repronex Injections, POSITIVE!

We're having a boy! Due March 20, 2012