Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home sweet home! [Week 1]

1 week old

As I type, my little man is down for his morning nap. He is such a sweet, loving, perfect little baby. I'm so in love! His first week of life has been busy doing what all babies like to do - sleep, eat, with diapers in between. Except for maybe two nights, he sleeps through the night getting up only once for a short time. Such a good baby! 

His face is so full of expression; he makes some of the cutest little faces. I could just sit and stare at him all day. No matter what he's doing, it's just cute. He makes us smile all the time. 

His first Pediatrics appointment went well. It was 2 days after we came home from the hospital and he was up 4 ounces. He is healthy and perfect in every way. We are are nursing with some formula supplementation. He seems to always kick the blankets off his legs while sleeping, which is cute because we do too! He loves, loves, loves his little head to be rubbed. And believe it or not, he loves his sponge baths. 

First Night Home

       First Pediatrics Appointment                 Pics from Emerson's First Week Home


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