Thursday, March 1, 2012

I've waited months to say this.....

"I'm having a baby this month!"

Ok, that was exciting!

19 days, to be exact. I could break it down in hours and minutes if you'd like! *wink

The week is moving by rather quickly. We had the first round of nasty storms last night, which put us in the closet for a bit. If you really know me, you know I really, really hate storms! They are calling for them again tomorrow night; not looking forward to them at all! I pray little Emo doesn't get my fear of storms.

I've completed our final 'to do' list of things we need to wrap up around the house before baby arrives. We've done fantastic working on projects continually over the past several months, which I'm so grateful for now, since my energy levels are hit and miss. I couldn't imagine saving everything to the last minute. We have basically a few "spring cleaning" things
left to do, then we'll be 100% ready! I give thanks to my awesomely mad, borderline OCD, planning skills!

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