Tuesday, February 28, 2012

36 weeks: Update

Today was the first of our final three weekly visits to the OB before delivery. I wasn't dilated (a good thing), was measuring perfect (fundus) and the heart was strong and beautiful. I tried to get one more ultrasound before delivery to see weight, but without medical necessity, she said they don't generally do them. She confirmed with his growth rate during the pregnancy, he should weigh between 7 1/2 - 8 lbs at birth. [So I call 7 lbs 5 oz and 20.5 in!]

We also had our Pre-Admission appointment with Labor & Delivery at the hospital. On the 20th, the cesarean will begin at 7:00a, I'll be back in the room around 8:00a and family can begin visits around 9:30a.

Daily things, things are really good. The only thing really is the exhaustion that begins around 1:30p and seems to last the remainder of the day. I've been trying to nap a bit during lunch, but it's not been very successful, although I seem to doze some. Then when I get home, I try to get thingsfinished before I sit down, or I'll fall asleep. I've been going to bed around 8 most nights. Sleep has been ok. I have 2-3 tinkle breaks per night and getting comfortable has been somewhat challenging at times; especially when restless leg sets in. During the day I continue to have the pubis pain which makes it uncomfortable to sit at times, but mainly walk. This also makes turning over at night interesting!

Other than these common third-trimester symptoms, the pregnancy is still going great! It's really been picture perfect; I'm so thankful!

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