Sunday, November 27, 2011

We have kicking!

It took me a bit to decide if it was actually thumping from our sweet baby to be or my body twinging, but kicking won! I started feeling them during week 22 and they've consistently gotten stronger and more frequent; I love it.

I thought I felt the baby kick for the first time last Sunday but wasn't for sure. Thanksgiving night Jamie and I were sitting on the couch getting ready for Black Friday, via the web, and after a bowl of cereal, the kicks felt stronger than ever. Just after midnight early Friday morning, I felt him on top of my tummy! And Jamie did too. He gasp and the look on his face was precious. It was such a beautiful moment! We felt our son!

Today, he has been so active! We played Christmas music and nursery rhymes for him this morning and he, I think, heard loud and clear as he moved so much and we felt him kick from on top of my tummy about 7 times. I've felt him since several times. I love it. Simply love it!

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