Monday, October 10, 2011

16 weeks already?

I chuckle as I say that. Each second seems like weeks but yet here we are, 4 weeks shy of the half way point.


The new job is going great. I'm officially off training and on my own as the new HR Manager for a major auto parts company. Different world, different people, different role I now play. It's been a huge change from my past and a bit overwhelming at times. But I love it and am so thankful for how quickly the opportunity presented it to me after being laid off [unexpectedly] in July. Thank you, Lord! ♥ 

As for sweet baby, aaaahEveryday, I imagine holding my precious angel for the first time. I honestly can't wrap my mind around the love that I will know I will feel at that moment. And here I think the love I feel now is amazing. I know it's no comparison.

We are 16 weeks and all is well. [Again, thank you Lord!] I've only gained 6 lbs; which I lost the weight to help us conceive so I'm not gonna complain. Our gender scan is this Wednesday and I'm just so stinkin excited! We can't wait to share this special moment with our momma's! For the record, I have felt since early, early on it's going to be a boy. Names are picked out and ready to go. Our anatomy scan is Wednesday, 10/26. We will get to see everything from the little cute nose, tiny fingers and precious toes. Of course, announcement and pictures to follow.

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  1. I am oh so excited for you!!! I know you are going to be a great mommy! I can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or girl!!