Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We're doing great!

After 3 extremely long  weeks, our 2nd ultrasound was yesterday and it went great. Sweet baby was measuring ahead 4-days, which makes us 10w5d today. The last week of the first trimester officially begins next Friday! That is so exciting! :) We heard the heart beat for the first time [bpm: 164] and that was the single most beautiful moment of our lives. Sweet baby was moving around all over the place; which was so beautiful to watch! I could have ultrasounds everyday!

As for life, my position with Concord went to PT the end of July, due to a loss of several major contracts. 5 people lost their jobs, 2 took pay cuts and I was fortunate enough to hang around for a bit longer. I've interviewed with 3 places, 1 of which I will be going to Atlanta this Friday for a 4th round. It's looking good and will be a step up in my career as well as a great opportunity for Jamie and I. I'm a little nervous. The "confidence monster" is setting in and trying to whisper I can't do this; but I know I can. I have for over 10 years so I say bring it! It's one day. I can do this. I have to admit, I was very, very disappointed my company lost so many contracts and so many jobs were affected. But everything happens for a reason and I believe this is all in God's plans for us, especially at this time in our lives. The position is in Knoxville, so no panicking, we aren't moving!

So, in my days home I've been watching our best friend's children 3 days a week. Thomas is almost 2 and Emalee is 4 months. It's lots of fun and takes my mind of being bored at home. I do work for my job off and on during the day and a few hours on Thursdays. We're doing well. God has continued to provide for Jamie and I. We are so blessed.

This Saturday kicks off Football and with fall just around the corner, I am one happy gal! We are some football crazed folks so this is our favorite time of the year! Speaking of, how cute is this maternity tee for football season! It's on my "wish list" :)


  1. Glad things are going well! Cute tee. We have some friends who live in east TN. Even when they lived in Lexington, KY (Wildcat country, ya know), they proudly displayed their bright orange "T" in their yard.

  2. Hi! I just found your blog and wanted to say hello! I'm pregnant with PCOS too :) Congrats to you!

    I was wondering where you found the Vols tee you posted. I'm from Tennessee too (but living in Texas right now) and REALLY, REALLY need that shirt :) You'd be surprised how hard it is to find Vols stuff this far away from Tennessee.

    Sigh :)