Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Surgery, success!

Both tubes were successfull unblocked and mild endo and scar tissue found was also removed. The surgery was a success and we immediatly were able to start on our 4th treatment! Surgery was May 20th and AF arrived May 22nd. I took Femara 5mg cd 3-7, and Repronex cd 8-11. My cd 11 scan was 6/1 and showed 5 follies, 2 -12s, 1-14, and 2 -17s. I triggered 6/2 and my IUI was Saturday morning, 6/4. Hopefully, the 12s caught up and I had 4-5 eggs instead of 3; although I was very happy with 3. The IUI was smooth and now we are in the lovely 2 week wait. My RE was so excited this cycle, stating numerous times this was my best ever. The weightloss (-70 to date) played a huge role in more mature follies on time, vs. my normal cd 14 scan with only 1-2 mature. In addition my successful surgery, she is very, very confident my BFP will come within the next 3 - 6 cylces; stating the first 3 will be my best chances! Like us, she is hoping this is it! We are feeling super awesome and hope this is it!

Hope everyone is doing well! I've not been on in weeks. Between work, school, church and treatments, it's been busy. I really need to catch up soon!


  1. An interesting point of view. I like to read your blog post because it is well written and intersting

  2. Yea for surgery success! Love your doc's outlook on this cycle and I hope it's true! Good luck!