Friday, April 15, 2011

HSG - Unexpected Answers

I would gladly take kidney stones again anyday over the horrid HSG experience I encountered yesterday.

I arrived at the hospital at 7:00 to register. From there, I went back to Radiology and waited for about 10 minutes before being called back. I was kind of bummed my sweet husband couldn't go back with me, when they called me back to change. From there, I went to the room the procedure would be done. My doctor ran about 45 minutes last so I struck up conversation with the Rad Tech. She was a success story; I always love hearing those! She had an HSG last October, with slightly blocked tubes. They were able to clear out with the dye during the procedure and she got her BFP in November. She was great to talk too!

So the doctor gets there, I'm anxiously awaiting on the table. I slide to the end.....spread, deep breath and there went the speculum. It's always uncomfortable for me, but manageable. They slide me back under the x-ray and from that point I really don't remember much other than I thought I was about to die. The pain that I experienced, is undescribable. My hands clamped on to the table while my midsection thrust up in the air, hoping the pain would stop. I was moaning in pain, I know. It. was. horrid. They kept telling me to breathe through it, it would be ok. This lasted for what I thought to be 2 minutes, which seems like hour when your in pain. They at that point explained to me that my tubes were blocked and they were trying to flush open with the dye. Before I could even breath from the first round, the pain was back, one last attempt to unclear my tubes. No luck.

I sat up, in tears. I was queezy and honestly, to the point of passing out. They were very sympathetic and ensured I was ok before going over the results. I was cramping SO bad at that point. It was just horrible.

Results: My left tube is 100% blocked. My right tube 90% blocked.

I never understood after 12 years of being with my husband and 10 years of activly pursuing a pregnancy, why they didn't do an HSG before my first IUI in July 2009. Especially after finding out these results, It kind of angered me for a split second. But instead of dwelling on the past, we decided to stop our current treatment [today is cd7 in which we were to start shots] and wait for a new cycle to start; surgery will be scheduled at that time. We are very, very happy and hopeful to have possibly identifed the main factor in our inability to conceive. Being diagnosed with Tubal Factor Infertility has a high success rate of conception, post-op, if there is no further damage to the tubes and the blockage can be removed. In fact, I read the rates are 60% within the 6-months following surgery. So, knowing we are going from 0% to 60% sounds awesome to us! We can begin trying again the first cycle post surgery, if I've recovered well.

So, that's where we are. Another short wait but we have more hope now that we've ever had.


  1. Oh my gosh I'm sorry your HSg was so horrible! Hopefully this will be exactly what you needed, though, and you'll have your baby soon!!

  2. I'm sorry it was so awful (prep for childbirth? ;), but hopefully this is the answer!

  3. Wow so sorry that your hsg was so horrible. I did the sono, but never the hsg because I had enough issues with just getting myself to do the sono. So you are brave. I'm sorry they found that your tubes are blocked, but at least now they can taylor your protocol to what will work for you.

  4. Best of luck on your procedures.

  5. So so happy for you, Jay and Baby to be!