Sunday, March 4, 2012

The little things...

As much as I have loved my pregnancy, I cannot wait to:

Wear my Old Navy Blue Jean Skirt. <3 As most know, I had lost 65-70 lbs prior to the pregnancy. I had never felt so good about myself, ever! It was my favorite piece! I've gained between 20-25 lbs the entire pregnancy and being due in 15 days, not bad at all! My little skirt hangs in the front of my closet anxiously awaiting my return!

Hit the gym! It was my passion! I had exceeded so many personal goals and pushed myself above any limits I ever thought my body, or mentality, was capable of reaching. Me and the gym...yea, never thought that love affair was possible. I'll see you soon!!

Get my tan on! This current shade
of white I'm sporting doesn't cut it. A nice tan always makes me feel better!

Shave my legs......

& last but not least,

SLEEP ON MY BELLY. Aaaah, can't wait!

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