Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's almost time!

Between work, preparing for baby, family times, etc., we've been busy little bees. I'm sorry I've been totally neglectful of the blog but now that things have evened out a bit, and with baby scheduled to arrive in just a few weeks, this will be our outlet to keep family and friends updated.


Baby is doing great. I've absolutely enjoyed my pregnancy; what a beautiful experience! The special bond it is to me, is really indescribable. But yet as I lie here writing, and feel his sweet rolls and touches, it's still all surreal. Even when we see his movements, I don't think I've yet to grasp that yes, we're really have this precious child. My heart is over joyous and I can't wait to hold him in my arms!


Emerson has been a very active little guy. And we've loved every second. Our last ultrasound was the first week of January and he weighed 2.14. I've consistently measured a week ahead development wise the entire pregnancy, so he should now be a little over 6 lbs. I only have 3 Dr's appointments left until he arrives so hopefully we'll get one last ultrasound before delivery to see how much he's grown.

Delivery/Doctor Visits

Unless he decides to make an early entrance, Emerson will arrive via Cesarean on Tuesday, March 20 around 7:00a.

We start our weekly OB appointments this week (36w). We also have our pre-admission appointment with Labor & Delivery. Only 24 days to go!


Although some pics will be posted on here to go with posts, our picture sight is:


Here, I'll post all pictures and you'll have the opportunity to order.


The house is coming along great! The nursery is ready and turned out absolutely perfect! We've done small projects throughout the house and his dad built a gorgeous pantry/shelving unit for the kitchen, giving us must have extra space for all things baby. Next Saturday is Operation: Cinderella Clean Day! We'll be finishing up all the small things, cleaning everything and getting all the baby stuff put together. Mom will be up to help get our spare bedroom decorated; I'm looking forward to their visit. My church shower is the following weekend (11th) and the very next weekend we will enjoy our time together before little one arrives that Tuesday. (and get lots of rest)

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