Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And we're off!

We are officially on our way to our 4th fertility treatment. With my weightloss, I feel comfortable to move forward. Hopefully it has reversed some, if not all, of the PCOS symptoms. I feel so, so confident this could be our month. What a wonderful 10th year wedding gift, a positive pregnancy test?! The gift of a precious baby! The beginning of a family....I'm so excited! 

As protocol requires I had to take a pregnancy test last night in order to start Provera today, which will induce my cycle since I'm on cd41. It was negative, of course, and so the nurse called first thing this morning and had already phoned in my Rx to my pharmacy. I stopped in on the way to work and day 1 pill, success.

Our last treatment, which has been almost a year ago, I weighed 258.8. I've lost 25% of my weight and now weigh in at 198.3. God leads our journey and knows our hearts desires. I pray it be his will to bless us with such an incredible gift. Amen.

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