Sunday, May 2, 2010

expensive tastes.

I don't understand how America can harp about our nation's obesity problem when a grocery bill more than doubles when you buy only healthy food. This was my experience today. In the event I get my BFP this month or in the effort to be healthier going forward to our 3rd cycle...we bought only things fresh or healthy and nutritious. Our bill, over $250. This includes fresh fruits and vegi's, seafood, whole grain rices and cereals, yogurt, etc., and enough for about 2 weeks. After our trip today, I see the climb in obesity not only related to our unhealthy choices, but how expensive it is to make better ones. I'm happy for a kitchen full of delicious and good-for-you foods but no so much the funds forked over in the process.

We still have plans to get a small garden out this summer. I need to nudge Jay a bit harder to make it happen. Produce is the most costly!

My P4 is bright and early in the morning. I've been on Prometrium since 1dpiui; I hope my numbers will be good. The dreaded two-week wait hasn't been horrible; almost 7 down...much better than the first time around!

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  1. I agree with you. Our country has made it SO incredibly easy to buy crappy food, because it's cheap and most of it is fast.

    I've been eating fresher foods too and stuff without hormones in it and I have to pay more but I figure it's worth it in the end if I'm not cramming myself full of chemicals and processed stuff.

  2. The food is worth it, hands down. I am in Canada and dont see a huge difference in grocery shopping....I am celeiac however so all my gluten free stuff is expensive.

  3. The food is definantly worth it, although I boo-hoo over the prices.

  4. I hate the costs, but it's worth it. Unfortunately, totally not in my budget these days. I do the best I can.....hoping you get your BFP!!!