Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tomorrow is the big day.

I am on cd12 and I have not totally freaked out and obsessed over this current cycle. I think I actually [actually being stressed] learned patience from our last cycle. And for that, I am very proud.  Insert: pat on back. This doesn't come easy for me; I am the most impatient person in the world a very impatient person.

Tomorrow morning is cd13 ultrasound, I am sick-in-the-pit-of-my-tummy-nervous. What if all these twinges have been phantom? I'm pretty sure all the action going on down there has been very much real. In fact, I actually felt right side action, in which I have never, ever felt before....and pretty much daily on both sides, since about cd4. I am also happy to report EWCM. This is also a first for me....CM - always, EW, never.

Hopefully I will be reporting back a successful, lovely follie count on the 7.5mg dosage.

For now, I hope sleep will come tonight and the nerves stay bundled away.


  1. I am excited and anxious for you! Can't wait to hear your news tomorrow! :) *fingers crossed*

  2. You better call me tomorrow or email me and let me know how things are...love you!!

  3. Hi again! Thanks for all your comments. Ummm, we can't do IUI because my tubes are blocked, so we are waiting to hopefully start IVF in June. We're going with Cryogenics....least expensive we could find, which is a concern for us. We also decided to not put hubby through mTESE - so cryolab it is. Looking forward to reading more about you :)