Saturday, April 3, 2010

Met is now my friend?

As most, Met doesn't like me. It wrecks havoc on my stomach, leaves me nauseous and running to the bathroom way to often. I am on 1500mg daily, in which I take all 3 at bedtime. I have to confess, since our last attempt in August, I kind of went off. I've tried since but couldn't steer my way through the yucky symptoms. I'm happy to report since Monday, I started taking 2 and all week - symptom free. Glorious! Taking it with lean protein has been the key! I will increase back to 3 this Monday. I've been reading alot that Met has helped with weight loss. I've not seen this at all...perhaps because I take the XR at night? I might call the RE on Monday and ask...I'd really like to loose!

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