Thursday, April 15, 2010

my obsession.

So i'm sitting here working my ass off today at the office and  feel every twinge my lower regions are making. and so i have came up with a philosophy that the Femara is at work making an uber amount of eggs and they are growing. that's what i feel.

this is one of the things that i hate the most; the over-analyzing-obsession i have that seems to come along with TTC. last cycle i drove myself crazy. so much to the point that i was so devistated that we werent pregnant i had to take a 8-month hiatus. this is obsurd. i can't even work for blogging, writing on message boards, asking Dr. Google, searching BFP stories. it's a crazy never ending cycle.

im sure my employer would not appreciate this. but, sorry - i'm addicted.

how do you cope with consuming your every.waking.moment with research. or, are you in the same boat?


  1. So sorry your distracted, but yea for possibly growing follicles. I hope your right. I try to stay busy and involved in work and that usually keeps me busy.

  2. Sadly, I'm in the same boat. I overanalyze everything; it's awful! We can feel eachother company!

    I'm hope you've got a bunch of eggies growing in there! :)